how much server memory should ClamD use?
Question asked by Eric Bourland - 11/24/2014 at 8:11 PM
Smartermail 13
Windows Server 2008 R2
2GB system memory
Today, as I was configuring SmarterMail anti-spam settings, I noticed SmarterMail got slower and slower. Finally, the server froze and needed to be restarted.
SmarterMail seems to be working OK now, but I notice that it slows down now and then.
I checked system resources and I see that the ClamD process is using up what seems to be a lot of system memory.
Does this look right to you? (screenshot below)

Thank you for your advice.

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Steve Reid Replied
That seems like a normal amount for ClamD to use. However having 2 Gigs of ram in your server when memory is not expensive seems like a bad thing.
Eric Bourland Replied
Steve, that is good feedback. Good to know. Thanks very much. Hope you are well. Eric
Steve Reid Replied
I won't say ClamD was not responsible for your server slowdown though. There have been other users reporting similar issues, like multiple clamds running. I'd keep an eye on it, let us know if you see the slowdown again.

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