Webmail Email Encryption (S/MIME & OpenPGP)
Idea shared by Scarab - 8/2/2016 at 4:49 PM
As I get a couple clients every year asking about this, and although I know it has been suggested in the past, I thought it time to bring the issue up again.
Although SmarterMail does handle the delivery of S/MIME & openPGP encrypted emails it can neither display nor create encrypted emails from within the webmail client itself.
Implementing this would require a Key-Pair Generator on the account settings page, with the ability to upload a Key-Pair as an alternative so that encrypted emails that are received from Contacts can be read within webmail, and having the ability to extract & store S/MIME public keys with Contacts so that emails that are sent to those Contacts can be encrypted (maybe by clicking on a Lock Icon in the TO: field).
Could this please be considered for a future release? I understand that it probably isn't even in the Top 10 most requested features, and pertains to a niche group of users, but it is requested enough by our clients to inquire about this yet again.

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Yes!  This would be a great feature!
We too require the use of digital S/MIME certificates to digitally sign (and in some cases to encrypt) emails and their attachments. This can be done using Outlook, but due to the issues that MS Outlook has with SmarterMail over EAS, not everyone is using Outlook, so having this feature in the web mail would be very, very useful.
Any plans to support this?
Would be very nice in the first step that the Webmail would show valid or failed s/mime signed mails in a way like "Trusted sender" and not only show that there is an smime.p7s attachment :-)
Smime attachment must be given as a user configuration just like TLS on ports. This makes it extremely enterprise and highly professional
From my reading, encryption from a webmail intetface has many theoretical problems, as,well as the expected technical ones.

You must look at that link... Really if your only signing it doesn't create any issues. Also it takes cares whether the other mail server supports TLS/SSL or not.

This really must be the correct way of working with a secure server.. a future path which makes smartertools unbeatable :)... 
I found my reference. it is on the OpenPGP page
It talks about browser plugins and non-plugin Javascript implementations.   They warn that there are objections that the Javascript methods are not considered end-to-end encryption. Did not see objections to plugins.
Sounds like the Mailvelope plugin is the quickest implementation path for OpenPGP.
Your still missing the crux please see the link of Zimbra kind of setup where the certificate gets connected in the smartertools software you don't need any third party setup for the same... Mostly used for signing and rarely for complete encryption. They must atleast use this for a complete signing :).

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