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Problem reported by shadow lee - 7/30/2016 at 3:32 AM
Dear Support,
I have a domain host under google. capspring.com.my
Now I create another domain with is ctfg.com.my and planning to migrate the email data from capspring.com.my to ctfg.com.my
I create an account and do the migration step.
However, I able to see the contact, calendar, successfully and able to view under smartermail
But for the email, Showing xxxx migrated. But inbox still display as 0
I cant see the migrated email.
May I know what is the possible Issue for this?
Is it possible on the email is not completely migrate and I cant view? Need to be fully finish then only can view those imported email?
Second case is I set 100,000MB as limit. While I do migrate, It show size limit not enough. Then I set unlimited only able to do migrate. Why will this happen?
My version now is PRO. Going to upgrade to ENT. Due to Due to for my company need to be first of the month for easy recording. So will upgrade soon.

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Bruce Barnes Replied
You will need to up the,size of the mailboxes for the users you are attempting to import. Remember to allow for attachments and calendars, and allocate at least 50% more room than you anticipate. Importing, depending on the size of the Google mailbox, can take between several minutes to more than an hour to complete. Once started, it continues to run as a background task, allowing you to queue multiple imports to run sequentially. Please PM me if you require further assistance.
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shadow lee Replied
1) How to PM you personally?
2) Actually each account subscribe 30GB.
However I set my Limit to 100,000 MB still saying not enough limit. until I set to 0 = No limit. Then only able to sync.

While displaying xxx Imported.
I cant see those email in my Inbox.
Is it I need to wait until DONE only can view the email that migrated?

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