How to add dynamic pages with .net friendly url rewrite?
Question asked by dcwhitson - 7/26/2016 at 3:47 PM
New site using latest version (3.3) of BlogEngine.net and every page visit in SmarterTools just says 'page.aspx' and 'post.aspx'
URL in browser: /page/2016/07/27/page-title-here
What shows up in SmarterStats: /page.aspx AND /api/pages/{auto-generated-page-guid-here}
How do I track the actual URL's visitors are visiting so I can see what pages they are viewing and not what file is being used behind the scenes? There are no querystrings to add for a Dynamic Page, so how can I actually track dynamic pages?
Looking through the documentation and all of the settings, it looks like I'm going to have to go to Google Analytics (which I would hate to do). Just hoping someone on here has an idea of how to make this work...Thanks!

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dcwhitson Replied
The only thing I have gotten to work is that I found that the logs were showing the querystring 'id' when page.aspx or post.aspx was used. So I added a dynamic page for each with the querystring 'id'. Now it shows the different entries in the reports, but shows it as /post.aspx?id={auto-generated-page-guid-here}

I know that I can go and create page aliases for all of these and show the full URL, but I'd rather not have to do that manually for every post and page. Is that how this is supposed to work, doing all of this manually? I would think there would be a more automatic way...if I click on the link to visit the page in a report for, say, post.aspx?id={guid}, then friendly URL rewrite kicks in for asp.net and the full URL is displayed like '/post/2016/07/24/post-title-here'

Any ideas on how to automate the url with the guids?
dcwhitson Replied
Another thing I have noticed is that the Dynamic Pages being added are not reflected in the Page Bounces report. The report still only shows Page.aspx and Post.aspx with the corresponding data, but the traffic reports show each page with the alias' I have manually created each time a post is made to the blog. Why is this so terribly managed by SmarterStats? You would think it would work better than this...

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