Does Smartermail supports SPFBL ( for DNSBL?
Idea shared by CLEBER SAAD - July 12, 2016 at 9:42 AM
I'd like to suggest to Smartermail make the support for SPFBL.
It's a new system for DNSBL and it's very accurate to make the spam control.

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Ola, amigo / Hi, friend!

Thank you for interest!

SPFBL uses standard result code, just like SpamCop. Im pretty sure you can add any DNSBL in Smartermail, no? It's just a matter of adding the host

Its also possible to use it inside spamassassin, see

and probably smartermail also lets you add it as a filter/rule to mark as spam instead of rejecting.

We also have a greylist for checking URLs in emails, via Spamassassin. See

- SPFBL Team

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