List/Report with SMTP Terminations detail
Question asked by Juan Figueroa - July 11, 2016 at 5:01 PM
Hello everyone!
We want to control the terminations received by our SMTP service. We understand that a "termination" is a 5xx code related with an permanent error sending the message (Invalid user, Invalid domain, etc). Using the reports section, we are able to know how many terminations are produced by month, week, day, hour. However, if we want to know exactly the message that produced the termination, it is not possible using the reports.  In the other side, we have the logs that show all the SMTP activity but it also contains thousands of data and it not easy to identify the terminations.
Do you know a practical way to list the terminations details  (date, address from, address to, error message received) by day, hour, week, month   and/or   create an event to send also these terminations data to the admin?
Thank you

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