variable default forwarding address
Question asked by Dodd Howell - 7/7/2016 at 3:54 PM
How can is create a variable domain forwarding address to do the following
email to john@smith.com goes to john@newsmith.com
we have 500 accounts we need to propagate a new forwarding address to
have tried things such as

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Hi Dodd.  It sounds like you're looking for a Domain Alias.  
Dodd Howell Replied
we are actually using the smartermail server for an MX for another exchange box so we are fowarding to that exchange but having spam dropped in user box on the smartermail server
Kelly Anderson Replied
When you send out a campaign, if any recipient replies to your email, these replies are automatically stored in the reporting area against that particular campaign. You can access and read these replies by clicking Replies under the 'Interaction' section of a campaign's report.

You also have the option to have those replies automatically forwarded on to an email address of your choice. Just ensure you enter a valid email address in the 'Optional forwarding address' box when providing the campaign's setup details (this can be done when creating a new campaign, or you can access it again by clicking on the first step, 'Create') .
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