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Question asked by Hernan Rodriguez - July 5, 2016 at 4:10 PM
How can I block a list of user send mails to external domains?
I need that this list of user only send internal mails.
What license I need?

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Rod Lasky Replied
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Hi Hernan.  If you'd like to restrict outbound access to certain employees, then do the following:
1. Log in as the Sys Admin, select the domain and click the edit button.  Click the Features tab and make sure that the "Control of Service Access" feature is enabled.
2. Click the Manage button for the domain, and go to Settings >> Domain Settings >> Users.
3. Edit the user in question, and select the Service Access tab. 
4. Uncheck the "Enable outgoing SMTP access" then click Save.
This user will now only be able to send email locally.  All external outbound mail attempts will bounce back to the user with a 550 not allowed.  I hope this helps.
Rod Lasky
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Hernan Rodriguez Replied
Hi Rod.

I Uncheck the "Enable outgoing SMTP access" and work fine.


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