Why are my sent mail from my applemail client not recorded in the server sent mail box?
Question asked by Aristobulo A Maduro - 6/25/2016 at 3:21 PM
The mail is on my macbook pro but not on the server.
the server is a smartermail pro 15.0 and the client is applemail.

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Aristobulo A Maduro Replied
Sorry, it's an enterprise edition.
Andrea Free Replied
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Hey Aristobulo! Two questions to start: How do you sync to Apple Mail: POP, IMAP or Exchange Web Services? Also, do you have two sent folders in your navigation pane? One would be SmarterMail's "Sent Items" folder, and Apple Mail may have created their own folder with a similar name.

Andrea Free
SmarterTools Inc.


Aristobulo A Maduro Replied
Hello Andrea,
Thanks for contacting me and my apologies for not answering earlier on due to other urgent matters.
I'm syncing to Apple mail both POP and iMap.
The port I'm syncing on is 25.
I have the following folders on my laptop under Sent: XXX Mailserver (POP) and Jake@XYZ-xyz.com.
All Mails sent from my laptop will be found in XXX MailServer (POP) while e-mails from my iPhone will be recorded in Jake@XYZ-xyz.com.
These two both XXX and Jake@XYZ-xyz.com are fake.
On the server, I have the following folders Sent Items and Sent Messages.
The sent e-mails will only be recorded in Sent Items (on server) if the reply originated from an e-mail received on the server.
Sent Messages (on the server) have e-mails coming from the iPhone as a reply from an e-mail received on the server.
How can I get all sent mail to be recorded in the one common directory both on the respective laptop/iPhone and the server?
Furthermore, How can I get all the mails to on my laptop which should have been synced with the server to be dropped in one send folder on the server?
Employee Replied
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Hello Aritobulo.  If you're using POP on your laptop, then emails sent from that mail client will not sync to your SmarterMail account.  I would recommend using IMAP on all of your mail clients.  This KB Article may help.
Aristobulo A Maduro Replied
The reason for using Pop3 is to have the mail on my laptop.
I'm using an IMAP account for incoming mail (port 143) and a second account Pop3 (port 110),
For sending mail, SMTP is common to both and both are directed to the same configuration of SMTP, which is why I find it strange, that they are not also moved to the server. 
I welcome your thoughts on this.
Paul Blank Replied
You can have email on multiple devices, all using IMAP. And your mailboxes will normally be synchronized across all those devices. Smartphones and tablets typically only show you email from the last 3 to 14 days, depending upon how they are configured, but the mail is typically not deleted from the server just because it's showing on a particular device.

If you use POP3, your email will be downloaded to your email client, and it will NOT be synchronized with other devices' mailboxes. And it may delete email from the server when it's downloaded, depending upon how it's configured. POP mail that you send will never be "moved to the server" - actually what you mean is that it's not moved to the user's outbox on the server. That is true, it won't be. Another reason to go with IMAP.

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