Whitelisted IP addresses - how to import/add in bulk
Idea shared by Marc Funaro - June 24, 2016 at 10:35 AM
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We're going to be using a third party spam filtering service, placed in front of SmarterMail for inbound email only.  They have about 50 IP addresses that we need to whitelist - not all in the same network.  I really don't want to sit here adding IP addresses manually via the webmail admin interface unless i have to.  Is there an easy way to import this list?  Also, is it possible in smartermail to whitelist IPv6 addresses?

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What version of SM are you running? I'm on v16 and just powered through over 90 IP's for SolarWinds Mail Assure which is from Spam Experts.
We currently do not have a way except through the API to import (or export) the blacklist and whitelist IPs.  I am going to change this thread from a Question to an Idea and will mark it as Under Consideration.
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FYI. Solarwinds MailAssure now has a single subnet of IP addresses available to use, but have to request from support.

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