What is the correct value to disable pop?
Problem reported by Connie DeCinko - 6/24/2016 at 8:48 AM
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I am trying to disable IMAP, POP and SMTP for an account via the API using the SetRequestedUserSettings method.  I've tried using false and 0 but the features still remain enabled and checked when I look at the user in the admin.
What is the correct way to set these values to unchecked?

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Hi Connie.  You would use the SetRequestedUserSettings.  The string that you want to pass along is 'servicelevelmap', using the below values.  For example, I tested this API call, and passed along servicelevelmap=30.  That disabled POP for this user.  
If you would like to disable POP, IMAP, and SMTP, then pass along the value of 16 (which leaves access to the web interface enabled).  I hope this helps.
  • servicelevelmap (The enabled services for a user. This field is a bitmap composed of 1=POP, 2=IMAP, 4=INCOMING SMTP, 8=OUTGOING SMTP, 16=WEBMAIL. For example, to set POP and IMAP, the value of 3 would be passed.)
Connie DeCinko Replied
Rod, that works for the items on the "Service Access" tab however, the items on the first tab, the "User" tab are still checked. Are these check boxes redundant or do they have a different effect?

What is the difference between "Enable POP Retrieval" on the User tab and "Enable POP access" on the Service Access tab?

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