Question asked by Gloops - 6/21/2016 at 12:50 PM
Hello everybody,
I am French, so on the login page of my webmail I select "use the language of the browser", on my machine with a french browser, as most of my mails are in French. I presume that when working in Germany I should select French in that drop-down list.
From time to time, I have a mail to answer to in English. So, when the spellchecker window opens, I click on Terminate, as correcting a mail in English with a French spellchecker presents no interest.
Is it possible somewhere to select the language of a particular mail ? Well, in fact, the most appropriate would be so select the language of a particular part of a sentence, as it can be a quotation in another language than the body  of the mail. Otherwise I use the spellchecker of the browser, supposing I did not seize my mail with a mail client.
Perhaps I can ask a second question about the spellchecker ?
Sometimes after two or three mistakes showed by the spellchecker, I realize that something I wrote is not up-to-date, and I should better wait somewhat before sending that mail. Whether I click terminate or cancel, my mail goes through, the only way I found to avoid that is to interrupt the connection of the machine to Internet and then close the window. Is there another way ?

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