Automated Ticket From Email
Question asked by Merle Wait - 6/17/2016 at 4:28 AM
We have started coding a process to create tickets against a database(could be any database.table) ... to compare inbound emails against this database.  If we find a user and or there are "keywords" in the subject line or some other tags... we are going to generate a ticket.

Before we get to far down the road, want to verify that there is no process currently in Smartertrack to do this, correct?
If so, I guess we missed it?
If there isn't, anyone else interested in this?

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Artur Rzasa Replied
Well, I guess depending on amount of users and or keywords you could use the events system.
You would still generate a ticket for all incoming emails as you can't stop that, but then with the events system you could transfer them into a real queue to be actioned.
Then another event to clean up the staging queue, i.e. delete the other emails.
-- Art

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