Does ClamAV auto update definitions?
Question asked by Paul White - June 6, 2016 at 1:01 PM
I have the latest version of smartermail 15 running.  I have enabled clamAV, and its working great.  Catching about dozen virus emails every day now.  Today I got a report from a user that they got a virus in their email, and looked and it looks like ClamAV did not catch this one, though it caught 4 other emails sent from the same user.  My only thought is ClamAV doesn't have a definition to catch this particular virus.  Question is does ClamAV automatically update its definitions, and if so how often?  Or do I need to run some kind of chron job to automatically update it?

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Matt Petty Replied
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Yes it does automatically, every 6 hours.
Matt Petty
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Thanks Matt,
question could the non detect on a virus be tied to failed connections to ClamAV?
Today I seem to have much higher failed connections than usual.
6/3 21757 Connections, 19 failed
6/4 6563 Connections, 17 failed
6/5 7316 Connections, 9 failed
6/6 6876 Connections, 3883 failed
Any idea what would cause so many failed connections?

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