SM 11 only sending out about 25 emails
Problem reported by MARK MITCHELL - June 5, 2016 at 7:23 PM
Not A Problem
Hello all.  I'm using v11.7 of Smartermail and am having an issue getting all of my emails to be sent.
I am sending 50 emails as a test and only 25 go out.  I've done 300 and only 25 go out as well.  I'm sending the emails to the same address (one of my own and FROM a different address of my own) and the 25 which I do receive are in perfect order.  These are just plain-text emails, nothing fancy.
When I check the logs, it shows all 50 going out fine, all "OK" status.  I am not sure how to check where the other 25 (or so) are going.
Any thoughts / advice out there?

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Hi Mark. Are you sending these from your mail client or from webmail? Also, are you sending 50 individual emails or 50 carbon copies of one message?
Linda Pagillo
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