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Question asked by cd - 5/27/2016 at 9:00 AM
No changes have been made to my email server for a couple months. I haven't even updated to v15 because I was away for a while. Last night all of a sudden incoming email started bouncing with the error "554 Sending address not accepted due to spam filter". I did a search and the only generic recommendation I could find is to add the email domain as a trusted sender. Ok, that would be great if it was just one but most email is getting that error regardless of source. I started to think maybe it had sometime to do with DMARC so turned that off under options in Antispam administration along with DKIM, DomainKeys spam check. Hasn't helped. Has anyone else had this problem recently?

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Scarab Replied
The first place I would look is SECURITY > ADVANCED SETTINGS > SMTP BLOCKING. You may have some wildcard entries that are causing all email to fail.

Then, double-check your SECURITY > BLACKLIST to make sure that there aren't any inclusive IP Ranges.

Lastly, under SECURITY > ANTISPAM ADMINISTRATION check your SMTP BLOCKING to see what you have set for your INCOMING WEIGHT THRESHOLD. If you have any single Antispam checks that exceed that weight check to make sure that they are providing a legitimate response (often when an RBL rate-limits you or blocks you the response is the same as a failed lookup, providing you with 100% false-positives). If you are indeed getting back only failures then disable that Antispam check and click [SAVE].

Note: If you have your SMTP Logs set to "Detailed" they will tell you which of these mechanisms is causing the 554 response.
cd Replied
Thanks for the info. Seems to be quite a few spam checks failing. These are the most common. I just disabled reversednslookup. The odd thing is it just started last night. None of these are blocked.

30 _SPF (Fail)
10 CBL - Abuse Seat - NOT FOR OUTGOING
10 MailSpike-Z
10 SpamCop
10 Spamhaus - PBL2
10 Spamhaus - XBL
5 SORBS 07 - WEB
2 UCEProtect Level 1

Incoming weight threshold is enabled at 30

Do you think I'd be better off lowering some of the spam checks or raising the threshold? Thanks
Bruce Barnes Replied
Are you using public or private DNS in SmarterMail's settings? Many RBL providers are now blocking queries from public IP addresses when the cumulative total of all queries goes above 200 K.
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