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Question asked by Michael Barber - 5/8/2016 at 5:43 PM
I have some email addresses that have no users associated with them but they are "computer accounts" that need a username and password associated with them to send email from programs/scripts.  Kind of like no-reply accounts.  The problem is sometimes people respond to the no-reply accounts.  The email goes into the in-box until it fills up.  When I select AutoClean, I don't see the "in-box" as an option.  
How can I autoclean the Inbox?

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Michael Barber Replied
Ok, It looks like you can't do it at the mailbox level, but you can do it at the domain and server level...never mind.
Andrea Free Replied
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Hey Michael,
Users can auto-clean their Inbox as long as it's allotted by the System Administrator. As the admin, log in and go to Settings > Storage > Folder Auto-Clean. On the Options tab, enable both settings for "Allow domains to override auto-clean settings" and "Allow users to auto-clean inbox." Now, when you change your auto-clean setting as a user, you'll have the option to select the Inbox. 
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