Greylisted emails from gateway servers
Problem reported by Merle Wait - 5/5/2016 at 6:26 AM
so we have three gateway servers...    all of them and the main server is running 14.x (whatever the last release was).
What I have noticed, and this could have been going on for quite sometime..... is:
Emails are received by gatewaw1  ..   at    01pm.
They set in the spool, awaiting delivery to the main server, due to greylisting for up to 40 minutes.
Our greylisting is set to 180 seconds.
Why does this behavior occur ??

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kevind Replied
Do you have the gateway IPs listed on your main server under Antispam Administration -> Bypass Gateways? IMO, that should bypass the greylist, but I've not tested it. You may have to add the gateway IPs to the Filters tab under Greylisting.
Merle Wait Replied
Did i do the Bypass Gateways.. but I din't do the Greylisting....  good point.
I'll try that.

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