Monitoring active connections
Question asked by J Smith - 5/4/2016 at 11:48 AM
I would like to monitor the active connections to pop/imap/smtp, I see that the data is available via the api.
I would like to monitor the values via http, Has anyone attempted this?


Returns information about the current status of the server.


Input Parameters Description
AuthUserName String Username with permissions to call this web service.
AuthPassword String Password of the account used in authUserName parameter.
reqStats String[] A list of data items to retrieve. Possible values are:
  • imap_isrunning
  • imap_threadcount
  • pop_isrunning
  • pop_threadcount
  • server_uptime
  • smtp_isrunning
  • smtp_threadcount
  • spool_isrunning
  • spool_messagecount
  • spool_threadcount

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