Show Folder Auto-Clean Settings When Default Is Being Used
Idea shared by Shaun Peet - April 29, 2016 at 8:10 AM
We had a user today ask us why emails in their deleted folder were mysteriously being deleted.  While investigating we learned that we've got 5-day auto-clean enabled for the Junk and Deleted folders (which is probably the default and a good one to have), however, neither the domain administrator nor the user have the ability to see what rules are in place when they are using the "default".  When somebody then chooses to override in order to take a look at the existing rules, it clears the list of rules so you can't figure out what they were either.
So my suggestion on the Settings -> Filtering -> Folder Auto-Clean settings page, that if the current setting is to use the "default settings" (wherever they're coming from) that those default settings are listed somewhere so people can make an informed decision about whether or not they'd want to override those rules.

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Not sure if you found an answer to this, but im asking the same thing.

I have read that defaults should be 30 days, but from behavior it seems to be deleting everything in junk on a Sunday at 12pm.

Does anyone have confirmation of what the defaults should be ?
Andrea Rogers Replied
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Hey everyone,
Thanks for the feedback! This functionality is currently available in SmarterMail 16.x, which is in BETA and coming soon! If the auto-clean rules have been put in place by the System Administrator, the Rules card will show "System Policy" and if they are in place by the Domain Administrator, the card will show "Domain Policy." 

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