Throttling in SmaterMail Professional
Question asked by ariel - April 28, 2016 at 12:44 AM
I know that the throttling management is not available on SmarterMail Professional.  However, all of my domains in SmarterMail Prefessional 14.5 show the following:


Outgoing Messages per Hour: 1000

Message Throttling Action: None

Outgoing Bandwidth per Hour: 100

Message Throttling Action: None

Bounces Received per Hour: 1000

Message Throttling Action: None

Are those actual limits?  The comparison literature for the Professional vs the Enterprise editions makes it seem like the Professional edition does not have any throttling limits at all.  Asking the question differently, does the above mean that even with the Professional edition I do have throttling limits, but the difference is that I can't change any of the settings?

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