SSL outgoing mails connection issue
Problem reported by devang - 4/25/2016 at 7:39 AM
Lot of users on new setup is having a typical issue for outgoing mails on our new SM 14.x Entp server, we've enabled SSL & forced all users to use SSL for incoming & outgoing mails, basically port 25 is blocked so no one can send mail vai port 25, they can only send via port 465 SSL or port 587 TLS 
Incoming & outgoing is secured.ourdomain.com [all users uses the same]
Incoming port       995 SSL
Outgoing              587 TLS or 465 SSL
SSL                     Positive SSL
SSLabs score        A 
No issue in incoming mails, it gives error many times  SMTP connection fails, sometime it takes around 10 minutes to send 5kb to 15kb mails
What could be the reason? Is this something to do with wrong config of SSL ? bandwidth is not a issue as it’s baremetal server hosted at state of the art DC, I've followed all steps from KB link of SmarterTools & also followed Antispam document by Bruce Barnes
on one of the Forum i read 



What kind of email account is setup (Exchange, IMAP, POP)? 

You might try going to Tools in the menu bar then selecting Accounts. Select the email account and uncheck the ssl connect checkbox. Close out and then try to get mail (Send/Receive). If that does not work, you may need to change the port numbers.



Maybe some of those setting will help.

Let us know.



UNCHECKING SSL will not work for my setup as i've forced all users to use SSL only & i intend to do the same 


Please advice, the error message CONNECTION TO SERVER WAS FAILED OR WAS DROPPED 

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