Feature Request - Smartermail - "Smarthost" - outgoing gateway per domain
Idea shared by Joe Mocerino - 4/19/2016 at 8:16 PM
We recently signed up for Barracuda's Email Security Service which acts as a gateway for filtered mail.  I would like to see an outgoing gateway option on a per domain level.. For now, we are using the priority "hack" to flag all traffic from a specific domain to use Barracuda's outgoing gateway.  This is not a great option for a few reasons - mainly since Burracuda actually assigns a separate outgoing host per domain you set up on their side.

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Maybe I am misunderstanding but we use a Barracuda VMX  with over 200 domains.
We are still on 15.X .
Setup on Smartermail is easy.. In the domain setup  just set the Domain location to "External (Use Host Address)"
External Host Address is then set to your Barracuda address. Then Click on the box "Deliver Locally if User Exists"
Set Barracuda to accept mail from your Smartermail Server.

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