SM15 - Blacklisted IP's
Question asked by YS Tech - 4/18/2016 at 6:27 AM
Hi, i've recently upgraded to the latest SM, but since doing so i've randomly not been able to access or send emails (more not able to than able to).
So i've checked the logs and it shows my IP address as being blacklisted, although looking in the blacklisted IP's in the security settings its not there!
My question is, where is the list of IP's that are being blocked, or is this to do with the RBL's under the AntiSpam settings area?

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YS Tech Replied
I've just had to do a server reinstall and i'm now getting this again, IMAP log shows:

13:31:29 [***.***.***.***][39549102] connected at 20/01/2017 13:31:29
13:31:29 [***.***.***.***][39549102] "421 Server is busy, try again later." response returned.
13:31:29 [***.***.***.***][39549102] IP is blacklisted

There are no IP's in the Security > Blacklist area

I can add my IP to the whitelist and emails work fine, but how do i find out where i'm being blacklisted?

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