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Problem reported by Giorgio Borra - 4/13/2016 at 4:11 AM
Since I installed SmartMail 15.0 all the users report that pdf file arrives corrupted attached to any email.
If I send a mail with a pdf attached from a domain hosted in a SmarterMail 14.5 to a any mailbox as Gmail, Hotmail, or other the pdf is ok.
If I send a mail with a pdf attached from a domain hosted in SmarterMail 14.5 to a domain hosted in SmarterMail 15.0 the pdf is corrupted.
Someone else has the same problem ?
Any suggestion ?

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Assin Ontivi Replied
Yet another example of the problems with Smartermail. Every new version introduces new glitches, but you look at the forums here and see that issues such as sync problems that go back for some time are not addressed very well. When 16 is released, it will probably be months before it is stable enough to actually deploy at this rate, considering the issues that have not been fixed yet with 14, and now 15. Meanwhile folks seem to be leaving in droves for Office 365 and Google cloud-hosted email.
Another example: the EWS problem that was confidently claimed to be fixed is apparently still an issue, and there's a lot of pain out there as a result. ST seems to be characteristically mute on many of these reported problems.
Seems to me that ST is not keeping detailed lists of all reported issues, and/or is not TESTING, TESTING, TESTING until ALL of these are addressed before releasing new versions.
We would love to use/keep using Smartermail, but it needs to function lots better. Reading here about calendar delays, corrupted pdfs, mail not being delivered, spool problems, ongoing issues with sync, and more, does not instill confidence.
We all understand how complex a product such as Smartermail is, but it is claimed to be for enterprise use. And that means there should be little tolerance by SmarterTools management for the kind of problems we're seeing in released versions of Smartermail.
Brings to mind the old saying "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen."
Giorgio Borra Replied
Note: mail were sent with Outlook 2010, not with web interface.
Matt Petty Replied
Employee Post
I ran a local test with 2 different PDF's and they both showed up fine. Do you have a PDF file that's safe for sharing here that is giving you the issues?
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