Spool Dashboard - pivot Message Activity table
Idea shared by kevind - April 8, 2016 at 8:47 AM
The new Spool Dashboard in SM15 is a nice addition. Thanks for the reverse DNS on top inbound IPs (keeps me from blocking backup MX server).
Here's a suggestion to make the Spool Dashboard better (more consistent). The first table, Message Activity, shows time (last 5 min, last hour, etc.) in rows. All the other tables show time in columns. Suggest doing a pivot on the 1st table to keep all tables consistent.
Bonus: Messages Delivered would be the bottom row and be a logical sum of the column.

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Using the Spool Dashboard and it reminded me of this post. Maybe it could get added to the wishlist?
You got it Kevin, I've submitted this as a feature improvement.
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Great! Thanks.

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