Does someone experienced issue with Spool messages stuck on Delivered state?
Question asked by Webio - 4/7/2016 at 4:36 AM
latelly I'm experiencing from time to time (few times in last 2-3 weeks) situation where messages are being stuck in Spool. In my environment I'm sending or receiving a lot of emails so in 10-30 minutes messages number start to grow to number in 1000s.
Changes which I've made recently:
  • switched all domains to external MX
  • upgraded to v15 (15.0.5932)
I've noticed that a lot of messages have "Delivered" status with attempts "1" and in details it show that delivery was completed but still message is visible in Spool.
I think this is somehow connected to some delivery limit in SmarterMail (maybe SMTP Out since I'm using external MX) which is exhausted with messages marked as Delivered in Spool.
I'm able to fix this issue by stopping and starting 1-2 times internam SmarterMail services (Spool,SMTP etc) without restarting whole mail service.
Does someone experienced similar issue?
EDIT: After restarting internal SmarterMail services 1-2 times messages are being slowly delivered to recipients. I'm using Ougtoing and Incoming gateways so main SmarterMail server Spool folder should only contain messages which are being transfered to or from this server.

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Kayasidh Kasyapanun Replied
We have the same problem on every outgoing gateways. We have to restarted almost daily.
Ara Bedrossian Replied
We are experiencing the same issues.

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