Export HTML Help, File Manager availability, Multiple Customers per Task
Idea shared by Rares Ispas - 4/5/2016 at 11:50 PM


I am a new user of SmarterTrack Enterprise. You have built a nice
product, congrats, but let me suggest a few useful features:

1. Help System: SmarterTrack has a nice online help at

Can you please provide an option in the Knowledge Base to export it as
online? The Topics tree and PDF export are very
useful. This feature is already implemented, it just needs to be

2. File Manager. The FM is very nice, but it is only avaible in the KB
section. Can you please add the File Manager button wherever there is a
Rich Text Editor? Most importantly in Tickets, but it can also be
helpful in Tasks, Chat, notes, etc

3. Tasks. Many times customers meet with the same problem and need to
be notified when it gets solved. I would like to be able to link
multiple Tickets to the same task, so when the Task reaches a certain
status all such dependant tickets are switched to Active status and a
note is added to them automatically. The agent should also be able to
see from a Task what are all the tickets linked to it.

4. Button to force Check Mail. Many times customers are on the phone
and are sending info by email, so we need immediate access to it.


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