SmarterMail Bayes filer: email client software and gateways
Question asked by igorinuk - 3/30/2016 at 2:00 PM
Please help me with 2 questions.
1. We can mark emails as Spam (or not Spam) with SmarterMail webmail to teach its Bayes filter. Can we mark messages as Spam with Outlook and/or other email client software? Is there any add-on (plug-in) for Outlook, Thunderbird etc.? How about smartphones?
2. We have an Incoming gateway server and filter spam on it, then the gateway forwards messages to the main mail server. Our customers mark messages as Spam and teach Bayes filter on the main server. And as I understand, the gateway does not get the information from the main server Bayes filter. Right? Is there any way to make that information available for the gateway? Or any workaround? (Like "copy .dat file from your main server to your incoming gateway.")

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kevind Replied
Igorinuk -- two good questions that have been previously discussed.
1) Read and vote for this thread:
2) See my suggestion to run Bayes & Cyren on primary mail server and add to the gateway score:

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