Issues after migrating SmarterStats to another server
Problem reported by Brian Fedor - 3/19/2016 at 8:08 AM
Everything about the new server to which I've migrated SmarterStats is the same as the previous server. I followed the recommended migration steps in the SmarterTools knowledge base article. Everything appears to be functioning correctly except three things:
1) The log files are not importing (all of the IIS site IDs and log file locaitons are the same on the new server as they were on the previous server.)
2) When editing a site, I try to browse for the SmarterStats file location and when I expand the C: drive, all I see in the list is "Parent Folder", which just takes me back up a level to the C: drive when I click on it. 
3) When editing a site, I click on "Import from IIS" and it shows an error stating "Problem communicating with remote server". There is no remote server - all websites are on the same server as SmarterStats.
I've looking into whether these issues are related to permissions or the account under which the SmarterStats service is running, but I'm getting no where. I've even rebooted the server to no avail. Please help!

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Brian Fedor Replied
Anyone have ideas or insight to share? I'm still experiencing this issue and I can't seem to find any clues in the SmarterTools knowledge base or anywhere else. Please help!
Craig Parsons Replied
My setup is quite different, but I think you still need to have the server listed in server settings with the correct IP and probably also need to have the firewall open for port 50003.
Brian Fedor Replied
Thanks, Craig. I appreciate the follow up. It just started working at some point between when I posted my issue and when I just checked today. All of the stats are there with no errors. Perhaps a server reboot and a little patience to allow the stats to process was all I needed? Thanks again.
Shawn Hyde Replied
I had an issue with SmarterStats when moving to a new server that was much like what is reported here. Logs would not appear even though the folder for logs had data. (for me it was F:\SmarterLogs)
- I let it set for a day, NOTHING
- I rebooted, NOTHING
- I uninstalled and reinstalled, NOTHING
- I granted the "everybody" user full access, NOTHING
I finally got an error message when adding a new website "site settings have been saved but could not be communicated to service because there is not a secure link to the smartertools service". A little search of the knowledge base, made this article come up when I searched for it: "Secure Link Broken Issues"
After step: "Right-click on the ResetSecureLink.bat file and choose Run As Administrator." everything started working.
csoft Replied
Thanks - same issue and this fixed it!

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