Outbound gateway only for specific domain
Question asked by Manuel - March 18, 2016 at 1:44 AM
I have SmarterMail Enterprise 14.5

It's possibile, only for specific domains, enabled outbound gateway (forward) all outgoing email to another mail server or another smartermail server ?
Or Outbound gateway is for all emails and all domains ?
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Yes it is possible to set a specific (or specified) domains to use a different Outbound Gateway than all the other domains, but it isn't necessarily elegant.
In your SETTINGS > ROUTING > OUTGOING GATEWAYS configure your Outbound Gateway and set the "PRIORITY RANGE" to a specific range (i.e. 1 to 1). Then, in the EDIT Settings for the domain(s) you want to use this Outbound Gateway set the PRIORITY settings all to 1.

Note: Prior to setting the Priority setting for the domain(s) you want to have use this Outbound Gateway you would want to make certain that no other domains have that PRIORITY in use. You can check this in SETTINGS > DEFAULT SETTINGS > DOMAIN SETTINGS > PRIORITY (I think SmarterMail defaults begin with Priority 2). You can use DOMAIN PROPAGATION to set this for all domains. Then you can can define the Priority for the specific domain(s) to match your Outgoing Gateway setting. 
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Since this is not possible anymore in 16 (due to simplified priorities) we've got a new feature coming down the pipeline. Check it out!
There were multiple threads on and this was one of them. I tried picking the most recent.
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When will this feature available in Smartermail v16
We are using the latest version v16.3.6474 but still, we can not assign a domain to use a specific outgoing gateway.
Thank you in advance.
Under manage domain you can choose what gateway the domain uses to send emails. If you want each domain to use different just setup multiple gateways and assign each domain to the corresponding gateway.

I would like to see a feature that allows one domain to use multiple gateways such as a different gateway for each priority or an backup gateway for if the main gateway fails or after a set attempts to use the second. 

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Here's the screenshot
Any update on this, please.
Thank you
This is still not functioning well. Am using version 16.x and able to define outgoing gateway from Settings => Gateways / Failover => Outgoing tab => New. Once this is defined and enabled then it applies to each and every domain.
If you use Manage => Select all domains => Domain Defaults then there is no option to disable outgoing gateway to change to none & propagate the changes to all domains.
So this setting needs to be applied for one domain at a time. Anyway, choose the specific domain that should not use an outgoing gateway.  Under Options -> Outgoing Gateway is already set to None. Change to the outgoing gateway configured, click on save, then change it back to None and click on Save. Try sending email from this domain, it uses the outgoing gateway to send the email. FAILED - you cannot disable an active Outgoing Gateway for some domains.
Try it from another way, go back to Settings => Gateway / Failover => Outgoing tab => Edit the outgoing gateway configured and set its Enabled to false. Then return back to the domain that is supposed to use the outgoing gateway. Go to options and under Outgoing Gateway - select the outgoing gateway. Save the details and try sending email from this account. It doesn't use the Outgoing Gateway because its not enabled. FAILED - you cannot configure SmarterMail to use Outgoing Gateway for some specific domains.
Am I doing something wrong? Any updates about this feature?
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