SM15 or SM16 feature list
Idea shared by Kenneth Knudsen - March 11, 2016 at 4:28 PM
Hi I want to start a thread about features and issues that need to be addressed in either the upcoming 15.X or 16.X
- EAS support mailboxes to at least 50 GB
- EAS support for Outlook 2010
- Global Address List have all addresses including Mailing Lists
- Enable email archiving on a user basis instead of domain basis
- Proactively incorporate MAPI over HTTP so we have full support for Outlook 2016 clients
- Support for Contact Groups in Outlook  (not the webmail - that is for private users)
- Ability to limit number of connections for a user  (By Nathan Y)
SmarterMail is in my honest opinion a dead fish if we cant support the business people out there. If we cant provide them Enterprise features, we will see the customers go to office365 and similar solutions. There is big market out there, as not everybody is jumping on the office365 and want a more local approach.
Enable us to get those customers, and you will see an increase in licenses and add-ons being bought. It is a win-win for everybody.
We dont want to see our customers go with other vendors if we can give them what they want.

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The ability to limit the number of concurrent connections per user would be useful. Sometime we see users with a lot of connections (thinking primarily IMAP) which would be useful to control excessive activity.
For me.... if these two things could happen... our business would soar:
a.) API's or services that allows us to ADD / EDIT / DELETE contacts for our clients, pro grammatically.
b.) Ability to embed our links or at least a page inside Smartermail.
Thats it...      "A" has been referenced hundreds of time by other users too.... but so far not a thing... :(
A product that works on everything you promise - but still seem not to be able to deliver!

Upgraded to 15 - to see if EWS/ActiveSync works with Outlook for Mac.

Syncs for about 5 minutes but it seems the moment you edit anything or add a calendar entry or edit a calendar entry elsewhere it stops working - can't work out which.

Fix - delete the account and re-add.

What a solution for 18 months of development.
I have asked many times for a better Calendar in which
- Users can share their calendar (ics) with people outside the domain, not only with domain users. (This should be a very basic thing like icloud, gmail, etc. offer).  Share a calendar with friends, clients, etc. is a must.
- When adding an event from MacOS or iOS, the user can send event invites to other people.  (This can only be done via the webmail, not Mac calendar application or iOS calendar application)
Here are some of mine :
FIX all of the search issues.
Filter "NOW"
Update filters when renaming / moving a folder
Domain - Acceptable Use Policy - on First Login
Delete an emails attachments
Adjustable column widths
Finding Users that Forward :
Pop Out Calendar
Dump the useless mobile version
Make the desktop version work on mobile (android) where i can actually type a response.  The mobile version has "mystery meat" navigation icons, click on something trying to figure out what it does.. too late it did it already ! cant send attachements that i have found yet. folder organization is non existant, it showes everything weather i want to see it or not. Just dump it already. - Providing technology services to non profit organizations, homeless shelters, clean and sober houses and prisoner reentry programs. To date we have given away over 1,000 free computers.

Is there a roadmap or feature list for version 16?
Hi Guys this is my wish list, with number 1. 2. and 3. being High.
  1. Current Mail Priority does not work, If an email bounces delivery it should follow priority list? Bounces should use Priority 2 outgoing SMTP, if that fails, then Priority 3 outgoing SMTP should be used and so on, until priority list ends, then bounce message to sender as undeliverables.
  2. Embed Calendar iframe code for webpages.
  3. Save Email on send or reply to a folder other than Sent Items.
  4. Email Sort in Shared Contact View for a shared resource that shares both Contact List and Inbox.
  5. OpenPGP, cert generator and webmail integration.
  6. The ability to encrypt by domain folder.
  7. The ability to re-order shared mail boxes and/or color code them.

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Better API documentation including example code on how to consume the services.
Has any of this been implemented yet in any Smartermail Version Newer than :
SmarterMail Enterprise Edition
Version 14.4.5801
? - Providing technology services to non profit organizations, homeless shelters, clean and sober houses and prisoner reentry programs. To date we have given away over 1,000 free computers.

looks like its Cricket season. I guess they ignore it and it goes away.
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I guess a bump to the top of the list is called for. It's a new year and this may get some response now that ver 16 beta is out.
Kendra Support
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Still trying to get some kind of answer.
Kendra Support
Junk Email filtered ISP
i would like to see option to archive emails to NAS or storage outside the mail server using location by IP for example.
Im not sure why this is difficult to implement is it to do with any patent license? 
Best regards,
More robust EAS support and full compatibility with Outlook 2013 and 2016 clients is our #1 ASAP wish.
The archive location can already be specified from within SM - just remember to stop and restart the Windows SM service (not from within the SM control panel) after changing and saving that location. If you can't directly specify an external location using SMB, then perhaps you should archive to a disk in the SM server and copy it from there, by an automatic copy process if desired.  No file locking is needed, disk space is cheap, AND you can't have too many backups of important data. Just sayin'
I cannot find any global search in SM16 and the search is working on the folder we are already selected 
it's not good Idea to remove option after upgrade versions 
the Global search is big problem 

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