This message no longer exists in the spool
Problem reported by Patrick Ryan - March 10, 2016 at 9:57 AM
I'm regularly getting the message "This message no longer exists in the spool" in my logs, and clients are losing emails because of it. Has anyone else faced this issue or have any suggestions? I have a bunch of RBLS so perhaps something is happening there... Not really sure where to begin debugging the issue.
Thank you for any suggestions.

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I have not.  Do you have SpamAssassin running...  If so, how long do you have Delivery Delay set to 
(Setting -->General Settings --> Spool ). Never have lost any emails.
As for RBLS.. we have what ever Bruce has recommended or outlined in his spam documents. (which is quite a few).
What do you have running in the back-ground that would be accessing the spool.   
Which logs are giving you those messages???

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