spam filtering services fail spf check
Question asked by Russ Michaels - March 10, 2016 at 5:36 AM
Since we tweaked our spam settings to reject any mail which fails an SPF check, we have started to get complaints from customers who are using a mail filtering service, such as barracuda.
I had rather expected that the anti-spam checks would be smart  enough to check the ORIGINAL sender IP and not the IP of  the anti-spam gateway,  is this not the case ?
Do I really have to go through and whitelist every spam filter service to avoid this problem, or am I missing somehting ?

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Not sure I understand.  The inbound email's -domain  From:  - is validated against the sending SPF framework for that same domain.right? (so the filtering on SmarterMail - should match what, say... 
On our own settings for SPF and spam settings... we take that into consideration.... but don't flunk those that fail SPF; because there are ALOT of major companies / email providers - that flunk their own SPF.
I have had trouble with Barracuda and our outgoing mail before.... but it was a matter of lining up the SPF approved I/Ps for the outbound servers  vs. the SPF record.

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