Enterprise solution?
Question asked by Kenneth Knudsen - 3/3/2016 at 1:40 PM
Wonder if other people are having the same issues as we are experiencing with our SM installation?
First of all I have to admit my hopes for our SmarterMail installation has been high for the last year, but the last 3 weeks all those hopes have been crushed almost completely.
Enterprise SmarterMail is NOT Enterprise !
Enterprise means that we have enterprise features like a working calendar and mailbox past 2 Gb.
Customers are not exited about IMAP when they are used to Exchange and the ability to have mailboxes with sizes of 50 GB without issues. SmarterMail cant handle mailboxes past 5 GB on EAS without issues.
When we change to IMAP we need to add contacts and calendar with sharepoint lists, and then we encounter another problem, when users are accepting a meeting request - the meeting is NOT added to the SmarterMail calendar, as you cant make an IMAP folder default !! And users do not want to wait up to 5 minutes to get their email when their smartphone have had it for almost 5 minutes already. It is a little hard to explain to the customer.
We need to install 3rd party software to accomplish some of the features users are missing.
Then we can go on with Contacts and contact groups, which is not supported in Outlook by SmarterMail !
Lets face the music, if we want enterprise customers we need functional enterprise features and not half and unreliable solutions !!
We need to start installing a MS product for our enterprise customers or we loose them !!!

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