Top Inbound Senders is blank
Problem reported by kevind - 3/2/2016 at 11:45 AM
Something change with Top Inbound Senders? Now showing this:
No data to report within this timeframe
Other categories (Top Inbound Recipients & Top Inbound Domains) show activity.

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kevind Replied
Looking for confirmation as to whether or not this is a known issue...
Matt Petty Replied
Employee Post
We looked at ours and It was not blank. It is weird that only that one report wasn't working for you, the Top Inbound's are all done at the same time. Is this something you are still getting?
Matt Petty
Software Developer
SmarterTools Inc.
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kevind Replied
Yes, still happening (maybe it's the low volume as we just has some test domains on it). But it worked fine in previous beta. Here's what it looks like today:

Top Inbound Senders

No data to report within this timeframe

Top Inbound IP Addresses

IP Address Reverse DNS Last 24 Hours Last Hour Last 5 Minutes drakonera.mailendo.com 2 - - dynamosaurus.mktdns.com 1 1 - mail-oi0-f73.google.com 1 1 - abts-kk-dynamic- 1 - - mdptxn-ch2-a3p.sys.comcast.net 1 - - emessenger.cisco.com 1 - - md1.sqlservercentral.com 1 - - smr-m04e.mx.aol.com 1 - - e4.451alliance.com 1 - - m12-181.163.com 1 - -

Top Inbound Domains

Domain Last 24 Hours Last Hour Last 5 Minutes
emedia-us.com 2 - -
pureincubation.reply-to.in 2 - -
em-sj-77.mktomail.com 1 1 -
google.com 1 1 -
126.com 1 - -
163.com 1 - -
abuse.aol.com 1 - -
adm-email.com 1 - -
alerts.comcast.net 1 - -
b2b-mail.net 1 - -
kevind Replied
Using the release version and still seeing: No data to report within this timeframe
Top Inbound IP and Top Inbound Domains are populated (similar to above).  Can you think of any reason for this?
Hello Matt,
I guess that is a BUG in the SM 15.x latest version. I'm using the SM 15.x for the MX Inbound Gateway only and in the dashboard have the information Top Outbound IP Addresses with values and Top Inbound IP Address with blank. But, I only have a inbound connections to this server.
If possible I'd like more information about this Dashboard because using only has Gateway the Top Inbound Sender, Top Inbound IP and Top Inbound Domains are blank.
Regards, Cleber
Kasra Bx Replied
Dear Matt, we faced this issue that when i want to get a report on specific dates. I'll get this message "No data to report within this timeframe". I've tried different dates which I was sure had send/recives, but same message shows up. Do you have any idea whats wrong?

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