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Question asked by Shaun Sizen - February 29, 2016 at 11:54 AM
Just been evaluating Message Sniffer as an extra tool against the never ending spam attacks. Getting a few false positives, anyone any idea what the status codes mean? For example one from a very large UK tool company got trapped as below (I only weigh at 10 so they are just flagged for now)
X-MessageSniffer-ResultCode: 60
Not sure what 60 means? The first mail from the company was greylisted by our server (first email from them for a while) but the resend from their mail server delivered just fine the second time.

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I'm not 100% positive, but if memory serves correctly the Result Codes in Message Sniffer are as follows:
0 - Clean
1 - Whitelisted
2 - 63 Match
65-99 Error Code

So a Result Code of 60 would mean that it matched one of the Message Sniffer Rules and would be flagged with the weight you have assigned it in SECURITY > ANTISPAM ADMINISTRATION.
Thanks Scarab much appreciated. Where are the rules configured? I simply activated the trial via SM but seem unable to see where the Sniffer setup is done from? Do I need to download the 30 day trail form their site?
I use Sniffer along with Declude and am not using the direct SM integration, so I am not sure how you configure it from within SM. But here is an explanation of the different result codes.
Cheers Dean spot on link, their site is not the best for finding info!!! I think maybe I need to do as you are, that is running Sniffer outside of smartermail
Thanks again for the info

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