Better GRP handling
Idea shared by Jay Altemoos - 2/19/2016 at 10:59 AM
So I ran into an issue today with one of my users that gets fairly large attachments for their business. In 1 day their GRP file for that day grew to over 400MB in size. At someone point the GRP started to time out their web session. The progress bar would just sit there for several minutes and not do anything. So I grabbed a backup of that file from a previous nights backup thinking the file went corrupt and attempted to reindex that users Inbox now because I took out the mailboxcfg file and emptied the Index folder. The reindex got to the point where it hit the huge file and stopped dead right there for an hour and never finished the index.
Here's what I am proposing:
1. Have a separate utility that can check a GRP file for corruption and repair it. Trying to do this with a text editor is really time consuming. And if the file is corrupted, how do you go about creating a new GRP file then. I had to resort to grabbing a previous day GRP file and copy just the text portion from the suspect file over. Still takes forever and a day. A utility that would handle this type of situation I think would be very handy. Something like Load bad file, do a verification check and if need be create a new GRP file and backfill the data into the new file. That would save a lot of work for someone like me that might hit this again.
2. Have a way to import a GRP file to user's email without having to stop the entire server just to have the email show up for that user. This right here inconveniences all my users because I need to bring the SmarterMail service down just to put the file in place, erase the index files, start SmarterMail back up and issue a reindex before they will be able to see the emails in the web interface. I know this has been brought up a few times already in the community.

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