Enhance Events logs options
Idea shared by Fadi Hussein - 2/9/2016 at 2:33 PM
Hi, for sometime we have been trying to track certain events happening on our mail server, for example, we want to know who add forward email address to certain email account, as of the current SM ver 14.x the event will tell you which email account is forwaded and to where to, as a basic information is good, but we need to know which account did set up the forward email and what ip address used when he access the webmail.
also another issue is that, how to have log of all logins through SM webmail, currently we can see the active session but we want a way to go back and see the history of certain accounts how it was accessed (webmail, pop3,imap...etc) and which ip address was used at the time of the event. and if possible what it did during the login session (change some settings, add forward email, created alias...etc anything beside sending or receiving emails)

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