How are new features scoped?
Question asked by Robert Woodard - February 8, 2016 at 7:23 AM
I was wondering how new features are scoped with regards to users and domains in the design process? 
SmarterTools seems to do a good job at launching a new feature, but seems to fall short sometimes when it comes to addressing the needs of users with a large number of users or domains. 
While I can appreciate the simplicity of giving one config setting to control hundreds of domains or thousands of users, some domains have different needs than other domains and to group everyone under one checkbox seems like a wasted chance.
SmartTools is very responsive when this is brought up, but invariably the response reads something like "you want to control this on a per user or per domain level?  what a great idea! no promises, but we'll let the developers know about your idea."
I realize I'm probably missing something here, so any enlightenment would help.

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