Save an email to network drive...not possible?
Question asked by Joe Burkhead - 2/8/2016 at 6:50 AM
I've been looking, but don't see any easy way for a standard user to save an email to his/her personal network folder. Am I missing something obvious?
Edit...this is referring to the web interface.

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Martin Schaible Replied
I didn't see any button to save an e-mail out of the webmail to a local drive and folder. A workaround could be, that a user uses the "print"-button and prints the e-mail into a pdf creator.
Paul Blank Replied
Interesting omission if you think about it, but I've so rarely needed this feature it's been easy to live without. One can do as you've suggested and print to a pdf; you can also do a screengrab, or cut and paste text if that's all you need. Still, it would be nice to have this; I can see how some folks would make good use of it.

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