Cannot send a 21 MB Zip file through EWS
Problem reported by Neal Culiner - February 1, 2016 at 8:37 AM
My personal email account has 0 for the size limit, priorities area has 100 MB but when I try to send an email via Mac's Mail app connected to exchange (El Capitan) it was my mail server has an error.  I had to check the option to send large attachments through mail drop.
Why can I not send a 20 MB zip file as an attachment???  I looked over all of the settings for my domain and my user and cannot find out what is preventing this.

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Your e-mail host has probably set an attachment size limit on your mailbox and/or domain.  It may be a de facto standard limit that's applied to all domains when they are built.
If they (you) are running under SmarterMail, this can be overridden in the domain's settings - both the domain master settings, and the individual domains.
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I am the host, I'm the admin, I'm the software developer :) - I have checked these values and they are not restrictive to this extent.  My account personally is 50 MB, all other places a 0 value is entered for unlimited.  I believe this is a EWS bug and possibly a configuration issue for web services in the .NET web config file.

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