28 Jan setup breaks config
Problem reported by E Nierop - 1/30/2016 at 2:14 PM
The 28 January 14.5 release breaks setup config.
I had to reinstall certificate information, the IP ports used for SM,
and also the license had to be re-applied.
The previous version I had was 14.4 (not sure about the build, but I was 3 releases behind 14.5!)

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Bruce Barnes Replied
We upgraded about 8 different client SmarterMail servers, most of which were running SSL certs, from various builds of 14.X, most of which without seeing any issuesm with either the licensing or certificate installation. When you did your upgrade, did you STOP both the SmarterMail SERVICE and the SmarterMail WEBSITE in IIS? If not, then you may have had some issues with locked files during your upgrade. If your ERROR and ADMINISTRATOR logs are set to detailed, within SmarterMail, tbey may provide additional information about the issues you experienced If you continue to see errors, then iI would consider uninstall the latest version, rebooting the server on which your SmarterMail program is installed, and reinstalling. If you did not use the default path for your original SmarterMail installation , then please make certain to enter the correct path information diring the reinstall phase You may also have to reenter your licensing information again, so pay attention to Smartermail's "down time" they have scheduled for this weekend so it doesn't interfere with your efforts. Please keep us posted as to your results and outcome. .
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E Nierop Replied
I got it working again. It's 14.5.5871 b.t.w. This setup does not upgrade these mentioned previous settings.

So, I had to map the IP <-> service again and the SSL certificate and the license, as written before. Esp. the IP settings.

Regarding stopping the service.
I have SM already for many years, and I never had to stop the service first. The setup stopped it automatically and then the upgrade took place. But it may be that IIS, indeed did 'lock' some settings.

There is no error log, yes, there is at smartermail\logs but it does not contain serious issues neither does eventvwr.exe


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