svcUserAdmin GetUsers() returning blank passwords
Question asked by Ant - 1/25/2016 at 6:07 AM
I'm using the SmarterMail web service to try and get a list of users and their passwords for a domain. This is to do a migration to another IMAP server.
According to this http://mail.smartertools.com/services/#svcUserAdmin_GetUsers, a call to svcUserAdmin's GetUsers should return a UserName and Password, among other fields. 
For me however the Password is always blank, although it's tag is there in the returned data.
I'm fairly certain this script I have used to work as I have used it before.
Am I doing something wrong to get it to return the user's password?

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Ant Replied
It looks also like GetUser doesn't return the password.
But GetRequestedUserSettings will do if the password field is specified as the incoming argument.

I wonder if retrieving the password from GetUsers() or GetUser() was removed as a security precaution?
Matt Petty Replied
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We added an optional security field to allow retrieval of user password from the API when called from a non-Primary System Administrator.
The Primary System Administrator needs to go to the administrator account you use for the API and check the box that says
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Ant Replied
Thanks Matt - that sorted it. It'd be worth removing the password-access via GetRequestedUserSettings if that box isn't checked, too.

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