IP Blacklist block not working
Problem reported by YS Tech - 1/25/2016 at 4:21 AM
I have 1 account thats receiving thousands of emails from "friendsreunited.co.uk" and I can't stop them.
They are all from the same IP address, so i've set that up in the blacklist, no difference.
Also setup the email address that its coming from and set to reply to in the SMTP Blocking area, still no difference.
Whats going on?
Now up to 90000 emails in this account and building!

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YS Tech Replied
Found the issue, 1 email stuck in the spool kept serving itself to the account.
Removed from the spool and it stopped the issue, now to delete the 90000 emails!

Is there no easy way to do that or do I have to do it 1000 at a time?
YS Tech Replied
And why did that happen in the first place, surely thats a Bug that needs sorting?

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