Double Opt-In not working?
Problem reported by YS Tech - 1/21/2016 at 5:31 AM
Hi, i've just setup a form on our website to allow people to subscribe to our mailing list.
I've setup the list as double opt-in so that we don't just get an automated system subscribing loads of email addresses.
Problem is that when i enter an email address, press the subscribe, it just adds the email address anyway even before its been confirmed by the double opt-in!
Is that normal?
I would have thought that until you confirmed via the double opt-in that it wouldn't appear in the subscribers list?
Or does it get placed in there but not active?
If the latter is the case then it needs to say that its not actually in the list, greyed out or something?
Any help appreciated.

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YS Tech Replied
Anyone have an answer to this, otherwise its not really a double opt-in facility that can be used and people should be aware of that?
Bruce Barnes Replied
We use the double opt-in feature a lot, for our customer's maiking lists. Here's an example of a link: www.lakesregionhistory.org/subscribe.asp Enter your e-mail address, and you'll receive a confirmation e-mail messages, with a link on which you must click, to be added to the list.
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YS Tech Replied
Thanks for the reply Bruce, I don't have an issue with the way a double opt-in system should work, used them for years.
All i'm saying is when you initially subscribe to a list, the email address appears in the list straight away, regardless of whether you confirm via the email that gets sent?

Have you ever checked to see if the email gets put in anyway?
It was only by accident that i noticed it.

I am using a form on a website to allow people to subscribe, this form just posts the subscribe email string to the system.

The questions really are:
1) Should the email address get placed in there straight away
2) If so, should it be marked in red or something if it hasn't been confirmed (currently it just sits in there as if its live).
3) Or could it be that if I am using the moderators email address to add the email address from the online subscribe form that it bypasses the double opt-in (I will test this to see if its the case).
jorge.mx.neto Replied
I just have the same situation with the version 15.7.6614, the email for optin is sent but before the user confirms the email is added to the subscribed list.

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