Save sent mail to specific folder in SmarterMail
Question asked by Giorgio Borra - January 19, 2016 at 4:49 AM
I have this mailbox configuration:
For mailbox test_1 I have mapped "inbox" and "sent items" of mailbox test_2 in full control.
In mailbox test_1 now I have "inbox on test_2" and "sent items on test_2".
I have configured in mailbox test_1 a SMTP account for test_2.
When I send a mail from test_1 I can choose in the field "from" test_2 as mail sender.
But the mail will be saved in the "sent items" of mailbox test_1.
Is there a way to save the mail sent from test_2 to "sent items on test_2" ?

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Any update or suggestion ?
Paul Blank Replied
SM does not do outbound filtering. This is something that's been requested several times.

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