Protected sky RBL
Question asked by ellisfr - January 11, 2016 at 1:43 PM
In a mail report I receive weekly from MxToolbox, I saw a huge activity on the RBL "Protected Sky" I didn't know before ( )
Anyone using this RBL on the SM antispam ?
Regards, Bruno

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Synchronicity! I just came across them yesterday myself and was going to add it to our Smartermail Anti-Spam Checks before our annual Anti-Spam Effectiveness Audit.

It's pretty easy to add to Smartermail:


Name: Protected Sky - Yellow
Weight: 10
Required Lookup Value: Enabled: On
Enable for Filtering

Name: Protected Sky - Red
Weight: 30
Required Lookup Value: Enabled: On
Enable for Filtering and SMTP Blocking
So far they are really responsive (< 20ms), although it won't be until the end of next week before I can verify what kind of effective percentage each of these catch, but any new tool in the arsenal is a welcome tool.
Well, I can certainly recommend RBL:Protected Sky - Yellow. Not a single false positive in the past week and they have routinely caught Spam no one else did. In the week that we used this it was the 5th most effective RBL (behind SORBS - Recent, UBL, UCEPROTECT L1, and BACKSCATTER). They were slightly more effective than GBUDB.
Effective Rate: Overall, 2.5% of all incoming email were caught by Protected Sky - Yellow with 0 False Positives. This RBL was responsible for 11% of all incoming messages flagged as Spam with 0 False Positives.
As far as RBL:Protected Sky - Red we didn't have a single hit in the past week. We are probably going to disable this one as it seems to have IPs listed that we probably already have blocked with SmarterMail's Blacklist (although Y.M.M.V. if you don't maintain a large Blacklist in SmarterMail).

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