Mailbox Size After profile corruption
Question asked by Raymond Pereira - January 8, 2016 at 1:42 AM
today, we had a strange issue. we have an IMAP user with about 19 GB of mailbox size. today for some reason his mailprofile got corrupt and he couldnt login as his mail settings, passwords etc was reset. Now its ok to reput all his details. howeveri noticed, Smartermail shows his mailbox size as 1 GB now, while when i log into the server, i can see his total folder size is 19 GB. 
how do i restore this back. i havent logged into his account as yet, as im worried, if logging into his account would change anything?
i put a support ticket, but thats another 7 hours from now as we are in a different timezone. im trying to see if i can help this user before that.  

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