Issue with Outlook timing
Question asked by Hostbreak Web Technologies - 1/4/2016 at 1:58 AM
I have smartermail 11.x installed, I am using it with outlook. I am facing an issue,the time stamps in emails are perfect, however in outlook the timestamps in list pane are different and showing wrong, it shows one day and one hour ahead. I do not know whats causing this issue, it just started to pop up.

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Also , the time in spool is always in negative, for example if I email now, it will show time in spool as -59m
Roland St. Amand III Replied
I too was seeing this issue with 13.x - We seem to have resolved it either through some of the Windows Updates that were pending - or through the upgrade to the latest 14.x - I did them both at the same time however so I do not know for sure which resolved the issue.

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